The Athletic Department

The Athletic Department staff effectively organizes and conducts the athletic programs at Ashland's high school and middle school. The athletic director oversees all aspects of the athletic program including:
  • Scheduling events
  • Communicating with the officiating committees
  • Coordinating with the other ADs
  • Coordinating with MIAA
  • Hiring athletic personnel, including coaches
  • Oversee the athletic training program/sports medicine program
For sports or athletics related questions, please contact
Stephen Marks
508-881-0177 x8022

Tryouts are open to all students, providing they are in good academic standing and are good school citizens.
Follow the AD, Stephen Marks, on twitter (@ClockerAD). Get the latest information.  
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Athletics have an enormous impact upon every student who takes part. Ashland High School has an absolute responsibility to try to make sure that effect is a positive one.