Our Philosophy

The Interscholastic Athletic Program at Ashland is committed to the total physical, emotional, social and mental development of its participants. As a result the athletic programs are based upon these precepts:

Winning isn't everything, nor is it the only thing
Young athletes cannot possibly learn from winning and losing if they think the only objective is to beat their opponents. However, to play sports without striving to win is to be a dishonest competitor. Every student can experience the true success that comes from trying his or her best to win. The opportunity to strive for success is the right of every young athlete.

Failure is not the same thing as losing
Athletes should not view losing as a sign of failure or as a threat to their personal values. Students can learn to persist in the face of obstacles and support each other even when they do not achieve victory.


The highest standards of sportsmanship and fair play will be observed by players, coaches, parents and spectators. Both winning and losing in competition will be placed in their proper perspectives.

Representing one's school may also be a way to learn responsibility and to build a favorable self-image. For many student athletes, participating on a team provides a feeling of belonging to a special group.

In accordance with this philosophy of athletics and our desire to see as many students as possible participate in the athletic program at Ashland, we will encourage coaches to keep as many students as they can without compromising the integrity of their sport. Time, space, facilities, equipment, personal preference and other factors will place limitations on the most effective squad size for any particular sport.

It is vital that Ashland pay close attention to its athletic programs. When a school's athletic policy mirrors its academic policy, each enhances the other. A student taught that effort in class brings rewards will learn that effort on the field brings rewards. A student taught that booting a ground ball isn't the end of the world will relax and make the play the next time; he or she will also take exams in their proper perspective.

Athletics have an enormous impact upon every student who takes part. Ashland High School has an absolute responsibility to try to make sure that effect is a positive one.

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The highest standards of sportsmanship and fair play will be observed by players, coaches, parents and spectators.

Success is measured by more than wins and losses as winning and losing become by-products of the quality of our efforts.