Clocker Club

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Known as “The Clocker Club,” the Ashland High School All Sports Boosters Inc is a 501 (c) (3) non profit all sports booster organization made up of students, parents, teachers, coaches and interested community members. “The Clocker Club” is the leading advocate for High School sports. “The Clocker Club” is dedicated to the support and advancement of the athletic programs at Ashland High School and does so by lending financial and volunteer assistance to the athletic programs and by meeting specific needs that are outside the districts regular budget. We support our coaches and staff and all the many residents of Ashland who give their time and devotion to developing Ashland’s youth. “The Clocker Club” will work “hand and hand” with the other “Friends of “type booster clubs and the many youth programs in the town to promote the development of Ashland High School athletics. “The Clocker Club” will work together with Team, School,Parent and Community Spirit to enhance the sports experience in Ashland. “The Clocker Club” is run by a board of officers that is elected each year and a group of dedicated volunteers that works with the officers and the Athletic Director. Membership is available at various sponsor levels to any student, parent, teacher, coach or community member who wants to help support all the sports programs at Ashland High School and Ashland Middle School. An annual(school year) family membership form will be made available through various outlets.



With a reduced athletic budget and punitive user fees it has become necessary for a group of concerned individuals to step forward to assume the crucial roles of protecting, maintaining and enhancing the many athletic programs at Ashland High School. Through fund raising and volunteer assistance “The Clocker Club” will assist the High School secure appropriate funding for their athletic programs and protect the interest of the student athletes. Through its fund raising the role of “The Clocker Club” is not to replace a properly designed and funded athletic budget but rather to focus on those program and capital improvements which would enhance the overall athletic experience, minimize user fees and expand the opportunities for students to participate and excel in any sport offered at Ashland High School.



  • advocate through demeanor and action the Ashland Athletic Department philosophy
  • increase community awareness and support for the High Schools athletic programs
  • insure that playing venues are safe and athlete friendly
  • minimize or eliminate user fees
  • insure a reputation for a high level of student support and participation in the High School’s athletic programs
  • insure a reputation for top notch coaches and a proven coach education and training program
  • increase collegiate placement of graduated student athletes
  • to actively and successfully contribute to the overall positive spirit of the community through the success of our teams and the values of our student athlete

Clocker Club

The Clocker Club is the official all-sports booster program for Ashland High School sports.
Store hours (located in the H.S.)
  • Wednesday and Friday
  • 11:00am - 1:00pm (lunch periods)
  • And during special events or games