Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to FAQs here. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact us in the athletic department. 

How do we register for sports? 
Ashland Athletics (high school and middle school) uses ONLINE registration via City Hall Systems. The City Hall Systems link and all registration information can be found under the Participation Page.

How do we get notified about practice and game schedule changes, as well as upcoming parent/student sport meetings? 
All practice and game schedule changes will be announced via Twitter. Families should also sign up for “schedule notification changes” via the MIAA website, as well as sign up for the AthleticNewsletter/Email list serve.

Which sports play on which fields?
Please visit the Directions and Venues pages for High School, Middle School and Tri-Valley League Schools.

Is there an Athletic Handbook?
A link to the AHS Athletic Handbook can be found on the Participation Page.

Who should take the concussion course?  Is it mandatory for students and parents? 
Each student-athlete should take the FREE online NFHS concussion course annually.  Parent/guardian should also take the course.  Please see the Concussions Page for information. 

Where can we find the athletic trainer? When is the training room open? 
The Athletic Trainer’s office is located at Ashland High School off the gymnasium. Our ATC is available after school (typically 2:00-5:00), before practices for evaluation, treatment, and therapy. Coverage of athletic contests is provided at the high school.  If scheduling conflicts exist (games at AHS and AMS at the same time), the ATC will provide coverage at the site with higher volume of events, and/or the event requires medical coverage (football and ice hockey).

Are there opportunities for student volunteers?
Student Opportunities within the AHS Athletic Department can be found on the Athletic Department/Student Opportunities page

Are there any coaching opportunities?
Coaching Opportunities can be found under the Athletic Department/Coaching Opportunities page.

What is the Clocker Club and what do they do?
Click here for Clocker Club information.